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Although born in London, Armand spent the first half of his life overseas, in West then East Africa. From his earliest years, he has been passionate about wildlife and from the first combined this with his second love, art, selling his first oil painting when he was just 9 years old for the princely sum of £2.50.

Returning to the UK, Armand established himself as a professional artist, first acquiring a reputation for his pen, ink & watercolour paintings of England’s “Black & White’s” such as Mermaid Street, Rye and Church Lane, Ledbury plus the Bonadventure Chronicles cartoons.

However, in 2004, after a 3 year sojourn in France, Armand and his wife Cheryl, bought a motohome and travelled in Europe and the UK. This led to Armand producing a range of caravanning and motorhome cartoons, which formed the basis of Armcher Productions

Now Armand has returned to his favourite art medium – oils – producing the beautiful sea, river & rural landscapes of Britain.

Armand has exhibited in the UK, Europe and USA and has had his work produced as prints by Solomon & Whitehead & Royles and currently Gibsons have a range of jigsaws of his designs. Altogether, his images, as originals, on prints, calendars and other products, have reached millions.

Armand was the illustrator of the best selling 1990’s children’s book series “The Adventures of Timbo the Tractor” and he has also written several books including:

  • Picture Framing – A complete Guide
  • Armand Foster Makes A Complete Exhibition of Himself (a compilation of his best cartoons)
  • The Field Guide to Gnomes
  • The Bonadventure Chronicles – The Quest, Volumes I and 2 puzzle/activity books.
Armand Foster